IIOT software & Hardware integrated with ERP

Complete ERP and APP for asset management

with IOT hardware prepared to work with our plug & play system

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ENGONUS: Empowering Industrial IoT with ERP Integration.

Industrial Hardware

ENGONUS is not just an app or an ERP system; it’s a complete ecosystem designed to bring industrial operations into the future.

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Select the date and time that best suits you in our calendar for a no-obligation call. Our engineers will be delighted to explain how ENGONUS can benefit your company. We are here to answer all your questions in a 15-minute call! Opt for a phone call or a video call according to your preference, in Spanish or English!

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You can buy our Industrial PDA

Discover ENGONUS, a comprehensive system designed to boost the success of your company. With ENGONUS, you will gain access to an innovative cloud-based ERP, a powerful mobile application, and the option to have an Intelligent PDA Scanner. All of this connected, configured, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection


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